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Know your Capability (KYC)

Know Your Organization, Grow Your Organization: Discover Your Full Potential with KYC

At the core of any successful organization lies a set of unique behaviors that are necessary for it to thrive. Identifying these behaviors and developing them can be the difference between a stagnant and thriving organization. That is where our Know your Capability (KYC) product comes in. KYC is part of our Leadership & Capability Development vertical, and it is designed for organizations that either want to develop the four key behaviors identified in their personal CDMs or seek to develop pre-existing identified behaviors of their organization. With KYC, we offer a range of workshops and training tools that will facilitate tangible action on specific behaviors.


One of the primary goals of KYC is to help organizations understand their unique capabilities and develop strategies that will help them leverage those capabilities for growth and success by instilling this behavior in cross-functional teams. To achieve this, we work closely with organizations to identify the unique four key behaviors that are critical for their specific success. These behaviors are unique to each organization and are identified through the use of our comprehensive Capability Development Matrix (CDM). Once we have identified the behaviors, we use our KYC product to help develop workshops and training tools that will help the organization execute the identified capability matrix.


Our KYC product is designed to be customizable, with a focus on flexibility and adaptability. We understand that each organization is unique, and as such, we work to create tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of each client. The workshops and training tools are designed to be engaging, interactive, and dynamic, providing participants with a hands-on approach to learning.


Our experienced team of trainers is at the forefront of delivering KYC to our clients. Our trainers are experts in leadership and capability development and have a wealth of experience working with organizations of all sizes and across various industries. They bring a deep understanding of the capabilities needed for success in different industries and are well-equipped to help clients develop the skills and behaviors necessary to thrive.


The workshops and training tools offered through KYC are highly effective in developing the identified capability matrix. Participants will learn how to develop the specific behaviors needed for success and will have the opportunity to practice these behaviors in a supportive environment. Our approach is focused on experiential learning, which means that participants learn by doing, rather than just listening to lectures. This approach has been shown to be highly effective, and participants report feeling more confident and capable after completing our workshops.


Overall, our KYC product is an essential tool for any organization that is serious about developing the capabilities needed for success. With our tailored solutions and experienced trainers, we are well-equipped to help organizations identify and develop the key behaviors needed to thrive in their industry. If you are looking to take your organization to the next level, then KYC is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop the capabilities needed for success. Email us now at

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