ANC Global

ANC Global's Neurodiversity Solutions™

Neuro Culture-Building Trainings and Workshops™

ANC Global's Neuro Culture-Building Trainings and Workshops are designed to foster a culture of inclusion and support for neurodivergent employees. Through comprehensive programs for managers and teams, we provide practical tools and strategies to enhance communication, build empathy, and promote effective teamwork between neurodivergent and neurotypical colleagues.

Neuro Infrastructure Support™

ANC Global's Neuro Infrastructure Support service provides guidance and assistance in optimizing your physical and virtual work environments to accommodate the unique needs of neurodivergent employees. From office setups to home offices and hybrid models, we ensure inclusive and accessible spaces that promote productivity and well-being.

Neuro Recruitment and Talent Acquisition™

ANC Global's Neuro Recruitment and Talent Acquisition service provides specialized screening processes and strategies to identify and attract neurodivergent talent. We ensure an inclusive and unbiased recruitment process that values diverse communication styles and assesses candidates based on their abilities and potential. We also provide assistance in sourcing Neurodivergent candidates based on job-matching criteria.

NeuroAwareness and Education™

ANC Global's NeuroAwareness and Education service provides tailored awareness and education sessions to promote understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity within your organisations. Through informative workshops and engaging presentations, we equip your teams with the knowledge and empathy needed to create an inclusive work culture that values neurodivergent individuals.

Neurodiverse HR Policy Development™

ANC Global's Neurodiverse HR Policy Development service assists organizations in developing inclusive HR policies and practices that support neurodivergent employees. Our HR experts provide guidance on reasonable accommodations, performance management, career development, and the creation of an inclusive code of conduct.

Neurodiversity Inclusion: End-to-End Solutions™

If your organisation is looking for end-to-end assistance in creating a neurodivergent inclusion program/project, we at ANC Global, with our team of consultants, and specialised professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, special education teachers, and HR professionals specializing in neurodivergent workforce planning, are here to support and assist.

Neurotypical Employee Well-being™

ANC Global's Neurotypical Employee Well-being service promotes awareness, understanding, and support required for neurotypical employees in the midst of running a Neuridicesity inclusion program in your organization. Through initiatives and resources, we foster a harmonious work environment that values neurodiversity and ensures the well-being and mental health of all employee groups.