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Neuro Infrastructure Support™

ANC Global’s Neuro Infrastructure Support service provides guidance and assistance in optimizing your physical and virtual work environments to accommodate the unique needs of neurodivergent employees. From office setups to home offices and hybrid models, we ensure inclusive and accessible spaces that promote productivity and well-being.

ANC Global understands the importance of creating inclusive work environments that cater to the diverse needs of neurodivergent employees. Our Neuro Infrastructure Support service offers expert guidance and assistance in optimizing your physical and virtual workspaces.


Whether it’s your office setup, home offices, or transitioning to hybrid work models, we provide tailored recommendations to ensure accessibility and accommodation for neurodivergent individuals. We assess the physical layout, lighting, acoustics, and ergonomic considerations to create an environment that promotes comfort, focus, and productivity.


For remote and hybrid work arrangements, we provide guidance on technology and software tools that facilitate effective communication and collaboration. We help identify suitable accommodations such as assistive technologies, flexible scheduling options, and virtual meeting platforms that cater to different communication and sensory preferences.


ANC Global’s Neuro Infrastructure Support service goes beyond physical considerations. We also offer guidance on creating inclusive policies and procedures related to remote work, ensuring equal opportunities and support for neurodivergent employees regardless of their work location.


By optimizing your infrastructure to accommodate neurodiversity, you create an inclusive work environment that allows all employees to thrive and contribute their unique strengths.

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