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HR Consultancy in the Oman- Serving with Excellence for 24 Years

We are ANC Global

ANC Global is a leading HR consultancy firm in Oman serving the GCC, and wider Middle East region. We specialize in delivering innovative and strategic people management solutions to organizations across various industries and regions, including large multinationals, government entities, retail outlets, the tourism industry, oil & gas etc.

We are a team of seasoned professionals and strategists that develop and execute customized HR solutions to help businesses achieve their full potential. Our innovative approach integrates advanced HR technology and industry-leading practices, to ensure sustained growth for our clients. Our solutions include workshops, core HR tech system setups, trainings, one-on-one coaching, HR strategy development and other long-term strategies.

If you’re a change-maker determined to make an impact in your organization or a dynamic leader seeking rapid business expansion while saving valuable time, our extensive expertise in Human Resources can propel you forward. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

Investing in HR Solutions means:


Higher Profitability


3-5 X

Revenue Growth



Employees Staying Longer



Outperforming your Competiton

Achieving the Extraordinary: Customized Solutions with ANC Global

Our consulting services help clients elevate their business to the next level by focusing on potential opportunities and established strengths. With a holistic process and value-added approach, our consultants focus on employee planning, leadership and capability development, talent management, and employee engagement across multiple industries. We design, propose and integrate solutions to help ambitious organizations achieve excellence and more. If you are searching for experienced HR professionals in the Oman, ANC can elevate your business to new heights with tailored strategies, solutions, and invaluable business insights

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HR Consultancy Services

ANC Global offers a diverse range of HR services designed to support your organization’s growth and enhance staff satisfaction, leading to increased profitability and performance. Headquartered in UAE and working with organizations across the GCC, our team of experts specializes in providing customized people solutions, including workshops and training programs to navigate complex changes such as mergers and acquisitions, talent management, succession planning, and more.

At ANC Global, we have a business-growth-centric vision and a proactive approach to enhancing team performance. We thoroughly analyze your organization’s strengths and challenges and incorporate industry best practices to ensure your success.

If you’re ready to take the next step in creating a lasting impact and sustaining success, partner with ANC. Our advanced, innovative, and effective HR solutions are specifically designed to support your growth, enhance performance, and align with your unique vision.


Neurodiversity Solutions

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Initiatives

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (1)

Leadership and Capability Development

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (2)

Talent Management

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (3)

Succession Planning

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (4)

Change Management

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (5)

Performance Management

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (6)

Employee Relations

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (7)

Compensation and Benefits Administration

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (8)

Organizational Development

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2 (9)

Employee Engagement and Culture

Take the Next Step

HR outsourcing is a transformative process that allows businesses to achieve sustainable growth, making it the ideal solution for every business. Our teams of professionals use the latest tools, strategies, and insights to develop a proven trajectory that helps clients thrive in the highly competitive Oman market.

Our experience extends from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises across the GCC to deliver excellence on all levels. Our focus is to build long-term relationships with our clients by becoming a pillar of support for them through different challenges and transformations. We guarantee acceleration and growth by helping organizations implement their vision by allowing them to concentrate on their products and core business operations while tackling HR-centric challenges.

Ready for the future? Contact us at ANC Global to discuss opportunities to empower YOUR people and transform your business.

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