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HIPO Assessment and Development Centers (HAD Centers)

Identify and develop your high-potential employees with Hipo Assessment and Development Centers and build a strong leadership team!

Our Hipo Assessment and Development Centers (HAD Centers) are designed to help organizations identify and develop their top talent, specifically their high-potential employees, to fill key leadership positions. The identification process is crucial, as it ensures that the company invests in the right people to take on the most critical roles in the future. Our structured methodology guarantees that our clients get a clear understanding of the talents they possess, which can then help them identify specific developmental areas and create an effective talent development plan.


Our approach to Hipo Assessment and Development (HAD) Centers is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of each organization. Our experts work closely with your HR and business leaders to ensure that the centers align with your talent management strategies and goals. We have a pool of highly qualified and experienced assessors who can be either internal or external. Our team is trained to use scientifically validated and objective assessment tools and methodologies that can provide insight into an individual’s potential, leadership skills, and overall readiness to take on more significant responsibilities.


Our HAD Centers provide a safe and supportive environment for employees to engage in rigorous assessment and development activities. We use a variety of methods, including behavioral interviews, role-playing exercises, and simulations that mimic real-life leadership scenarios, to identify leadership potential, resilience, and agility. Our assessments are designed to be objective, transparent, and focused on potential rather than current performance.


We provide our clients with detailed reports and feedback that help identify areas for development, including specific leadership skills and behaviors, communication styles, and critical thinking abilities. Our clients can use this information to design tailored development plans for each employee, which can include coaching, mentoring, stretch assignments, or external training programs.


Our HAD Centers are part of our Succession Planning vertical, and our approach aligns with our philosophy of developing the right people to take on critical leadership roles. Our team will work closely with you to identify your most valuable talent, evaluate their potential, and help you develop a deep bench of leaders.


In conclusion, our Hipo Assessment and Development Centers is an effective tool for organizations looking to identify and develop their top talent, and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. Our customized approach, use of scientific tools and methodologies, and experienced assessors make us a preferred partner for companies looking to invest in their future leaders.

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