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ANC Global at ATD Conference: Pioneering HR Tech Integration in Abu Dhabi

ANC Global Services Business Development Executive at ATD Conference in Abu Dhabi, Spotlighting HR Technology Integration.

[Abu Dhabi, June 14, 2023] – ANC Global, a leading provider of HR business solutions, is proud to announce the participation of its Business Development Executive in the highly anticipated ATD (Association for Talent Development) conference held in Abu Dhabi on June 14, 2023. The conference centered around the overarching theme of integrating technology into the workspace, with a particular focus on the HR department.

ANC Global is a leading HR consultancy firm in Dubai, UAE serving the GCC and wider Middle East region. We specialise in delivering innovative and strategic people management solutions to organisations across various industries and regions, including large multinationals, government entities, retail outlets, the tourism industry, oil & gas etc.

ANC Globals’ Business Development Executive attended the conference to gain valuable insights into the latest technological advancements and foster connections with like-minded professionals. Throughout the event, the executive engaged in meaningful discussions, forged numerous relationships, and exchanged business cards with companies that offer similar services to ANC Global Services.

Keynote speaker Highlights

Rahul Bharti

In his thought-provoking session, Bharti emphasized the importance of nurturing talent within an organization as an investment, particularly during uncertain times. His insights shed light on the value of internal development and its potential for success.

Andrew Wolhuter

Delivering a pre-recorded session, Wolhuter explored the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and VR/AR into HR processes. He stressed the significance of embracing these advancements to enhance procedures like onboarding, while encouraging professionals to move away from outdated methods.


Nagrath-Menon’s keynote focused on emerging trends gaining popularity in the industry, such as AI and AR. She demonstrated how these tools can be effectively utilized to provide adaptable learning strategies that align with the evolving requirements of the modern workplace.

Dr. Lamis Nail

Dr. Nail delved into the significance of coaching and its various techniques, highlighting its advantages in achieving efficient and effective results. Her session provided valuable insights into the power of coaching as a development tool.

Mustafa Galal

The final keynote by Galal centered around change management, emphasizing the importance of embracing change in both professional and personal lives. His enlightening presentation emphasized the need for continuous innovation and improvement.

During the networking breaks, ANC Global Services’ Business Development Executive actively engaged with exhibitors, discussing their involvement and improvements made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic recession. The executive also showcased the innovative QR code business card, receiving positive feedback and generating interest among conference attendees.

ANC Global remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, empowering organizations with cutting-edge technologies and HR related business solutions. The ATD conference has provided invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities, enabling ANC Global Services to further enhance its offerings in the HR space.

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