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Unlocking the Benefits of Emiratisation

Emiratisation, the strategic initiative by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to promote the employment of Emirati nationals in the private sector, presents unique opportunities for businesses to tap into local talent and achieve sustainable growth. As a leading HR consulting firm, ANC is well-equipped to support businesses in navigating the complexities of Emiratisation and maximizing its benefits. In this blog, we will explore the concept of Emiratisation, its key benefits, and how ANC can provide valuable assistance to businesses in retaining Emirati talent.

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At ANC, we understand that Emiratisation is not just about meeting quotas or compliance, but also about building a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the local culture and values of the UAE. Our expert team of HR consultants works closely with businesses to develop customized Emiratisation strategies that align with their organizational goals and help them unlock the following benefits:

Customized Retention Strategies: ANC helps businesses in developing effective retention strategies to ensure the long-term engagement and loyalty of Emirati employees. We offer customized retention programs that focus on creating a positive work environment, recognizing and rewarding Emirati talent, and promoting work-life balance, resulting in higher retention rates and increased loyalty among Emirati employees.

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Customized Training and Development Programs: ANC offers tailored training and development programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of Emirati employees. We work closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and develop customized training programs that address skill gaps, promote career growth, and empower Emirati employees to excel in their roles.

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Leadership Development: ANC provides specialized leadership development programs to groom Emirati employees for leadership roles. We offer coaching, mentoring, and skill-building programs that prepare Emirati talent for leadership positions and enable them to contribute to the long-term success of their organizations.

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Career Progression Opportunities: ANC assists businesses in developing career development plans for Emirati employees, including opportunities for promotions, lateral moves, and cross-functional exposure. We work closely with businesses to create a career development framework that aligns with the aspirations of Emirati employees and helps them progress in their careers.

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Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: ANC understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in the workplace, especially in the context of Emiratisation. We provide guidance to businesses on fostering a culture of inclusivity, respecting local customs and traditions, and promoting diversity in the workforce, ensuring that Emirati employees feel valued and included in the workplace.

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In conclusion, Emiratisation presents significant opportunities for businesses to tap into local talent and achieve sustainable growth in the UAE. ANC can provide valuable assistance to businesses in retaining Emirati talent through our customized services, including customized retention strategies, tailored training and development programs, leadership development, career progression opportunities, and cultural sensitivity and inclusivity guidance. Partnering with ANC can help your business unlock the benefits of Emiratisation and thrive in the dynamic business landscape of the UAE.

To learn more about how ANC can support your business with Emiratisation, please contact us at or We look forward to helping your business succeed with Emiratisation!

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